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After Brutal Q2, Coinbase Needs to ‘Get Smart’ About Revenue Streams: Analyst Says

Michael Safai, managing partner at Dexterity Capital, joined CoinDesk TV’s “First Mover” to discuss Coinbase's second-quarter earnings and the outlook for the crypto...

Ether's Deepest 'Backwardation' Since 2020 Crash Shows Traders Prepping for Ethereum PoW Split

Traders buy ETH in the spot market and sell ether futures to withstand volatility, creating backwardation. Source link

CoinLoan’s survey finds high customer satisfaction despite sluggish Industry growth

A survey conducted by CoinLoan revealed that most investors remain optimistic about the future of the crypto market, despite recent market challenges. This survey, sent...

If You’re Tired of Web2’s Censorship of Crypto, Use Web3

People in crypto often use those examples of “censorship” as justification for the work they’re doing or support. If anyone can get thrown...