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Someone Just Bought $160 Million In Ether

The cryptocurrency community is abuzz after a wallet with suspected ties to Tron founder Justin Sun gobbled up a staggering $161 million worth...

DeFi Platform Earning Yield by Shorting Ether Attracts $300M on First Day

Ethena offers a 27% annualized reward to holders of its USDe stablecoins, a yield mostly generated by shorting ether futures. Source link

South Africa to Start Work on Stablecoin Regime and Tokenization

Alongside many countries, South Africa has been ironing out its approach to crypto. Last year, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and the...

Crypto Exchange Kraken Files to Dismiss SEC Lawsuit Against It

"The SEC does not allege fraud. The SEC does not allege consumer harm. The SEC’s sole claims are that Kraken has somehow operated...