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DeFi Protocol Sushi Proposes 'Immediate' Action to Support Its Treasury

Developers proposed to divert 100% of fees generated on the platform to SushiSwap’s multisig for one year or until new tokenomics are implemented. Source...

Kentucky Investigating 2 Proposed Contracts That Would Give Discounted Electricity to Crypto Miners

One proposed contract is between Kentucky Power and Ebon International, LLC, and would give discounted electricity rates to the Ebon Facility, a 250...

Dave Krugman – Most Influential 2022

Erick Calderon, or Snow Fro, is my biggest inspiration on the artist side of this space. This was someone who saw the future...

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto News and Price Data

Before the coronavirus pandemic, before non-fungible tokens picked up speed, Federico, 49, had a collector who’d come by his studio to discuss his...