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Ethereum Merge Vastly Increased Stakefish’s Profile, but 25% of Its Employees Are Gone Anyway

Ethereum’s switch from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake system handed the reins of the second-largest blockchain from miners to validators that “stake” ether...

How 3air is Monetizing Africa’s $700 Billion Internet Economy

The pandemic stimulated the growth of digitalization on the continent, encouraging more people living in Africa to embrace digital activities. As a result of...

Interpol Issues Red Notice for Do Kwon: Report

Kwon maintains that he is not on the run, but his location is unknown after Singapore authorities said he's not in the city-state. Source...

Real Estate Token ERN Will Allow Holders to Vote on Investments, Without Offering Ownership

But the new Ethereum-based token from Eurion is not trying to give investors an ownership stake in Swiss chalets or city skyscrapers, as...