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Tectum announces its future TET token listing on the Bitmart Exchange scheduled for 4Q22.

 Tectum is a crypto project developed by Crispmind, a Chicago-based software development firm. It is a distributed ledger protocol (DTL) platform whose ecosystem comprises the...

CFTC Charges Digitex Founder Adam Todd With Multiple Violations of Commodity Exchange Act

According to a complaint filed in the Southern District of Florida on Friday, Todd is accused of using various corporate entities – including...

How to Effectively Use the Computing Power of GPU? Let’s Check Cloudia Exchange!

Over the past few years, there has been an ever-increasing demand for computational power. It was a time when the world was transitioning from...

California Regulator Targets 11 Crypto Trading Desks Operating Like 'Ponzis'

California's financial regulator brought enforcement actions against 11 little-known crypto companies Tuesday, alleging they stole customer funds or operated like Ponzi schemes. Source link...