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Bittrex, BitGo, 6 Other Firms Join Crypto Market Integrity Coalition

Crypto exchange Bittrex, custodian BitPay and six other firms have joined the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (CMIC) s self-regulatory organization aiming to prevent...

California Moves Forward to Allow Vital Records to be Issued on Blockchain

When arguing the merits of the bill to the Senate last month, Hertzberg said this is “not only a faster, cheaper, and more...

Best Universities for Blockchain 2022: University of Edinburgh

But the university created ample opportunity for research with the launch of the Blockchain Technology Laboratory in 2016 in partnership with R&D technology...

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Experience ‘Doesn’t Hurt My Company at All’

He added, "Someone asked my help in conjunction with my opinion on bitcoin. I've been in this industry for close to 10 years...