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The ETH Merge Had Little Impact on NFT Sales

In the weeks leading up to the Merge, NFT trading decreased overall, and this past week has been just slightly better. One of...

Italy’s AC Milan Launches NFT Game With MonkeyLeague

AC Milan is the first football club to partner with MonkeyLeague. “We are thrilled to kick off this partnership with MonkeyLeague, a collaboration...

Fellaz Announces Ultra Korea Giveaway & Platform Update

Fellaz, a multichain Web3 entertainment ecosystem, recently announced a partnership with UC Global, a lifestyle and entertainment company based in Seoul, to build out...

FTX Ventures, DCG Back $9.6M Funding for Decentralized Database Solution Kwil

“By extending SQL to decentralized data, building on Web 3.0 becomes native to all developers. Whether you have a social network, a data...