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Christie’s Auction House Announces On-Chain NFT Art Platform

Nicole Sales Giles, Christie’s director of digital art sales, noted the significance of moving the entire auction process on-chain. “By incorporating regulatory tools,...

Solar-Powered Bitcoin Miner Aspen Creek Raises $8M Despite Bear Market

ACDC’s use of renewable energy and ability to sell excess power back to the grid particularly attracted Polychain Capital. “We’re excited to partner...

Crypto Whale DJ Seedphrase Sells Rare CryptoPunk for $4.4M

The investor-turned-DJ told CoinDesk that he was running low on liquidity and wanted to spark movement during crypto winter. Source link

Is Peter Thiel’s Pro-Dropout Fellowship Mostly an Advertisement for Himself?

A core flaw in the program, according to Chafkin’s reporting for “The Contrarian,” is the nearly complete lack of any supervision or training....