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Best Universities for Blockchain 2022: Boston University

The private research university in the heart of the Massachusetts capital offers 12 blockchain-related courses, including Blockchain and Social Impact and Crypto for...

Money Laundering via Metaverse, DeFi, NFTs Targeted by EU Lawmakers’ Latest Draft

An emerging compromise may subject those who govern decentralized autonomous organizations for extra requirments. Source link

SEIDD launches "DoDo Dinosaur" NFT auction in official website and APP

On September 25th, SEIDD launched the "DoDo Dinosaur" NFT auction in official website (www.seidd.com) and the homepage of the APP, with a total of...

California Moves Forward to Allow Vital Records to be Issued on Blockchain

When arguing the merits of the bill to the Senate last month, Hertzberg said this is “not only a faster, cheaper, and more...