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An Urbit Airdrop Highlights Promises and Problems of Permissionless Development

The new token was airdropped to 4.5 million Ethereum addresses, including all users who have an .eth wallet address as well as all...

EU Lawmakers Attack Amazon’s Involvement in Digital Euro Project

Cross-party lawmakers cited worries over data privacy and taxation as they demanded a U-turn on the controversial European Central Bank decision to let...

Texas Objects to Celsius Plan to Fund Operations With Stablecoin Sales

Celsius filed for bankruptcy in July, and the case is now moving through the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New...

indu4.0 – A Project Aiming to Change the World’s Largest Industry

indu4.0 is a project that aims to change the manufacturing business by bringing it into the digital world. The team behind this project has...