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First Mover Asia: Cryptos Slide in Weekend Trading; Did Ethereum Pick the Wrong Time...

Ether sinks to its lowest level since July; bitcoin falls below $19.5K. Source link

3 Ways Traditional Investors Can Gain Crypto Exposure

Bitcoin futures ETFs: There are a few different bitcoin (BTC) futures exchange-traded funds available on the market. These allow investors to gain exposure...

Trantor X BNB Ecosystem Carnival Grand Launch

Trantor, the latest one-stop Web3 portal for data aggregation and campaign engagement, will launch on 27th September with a 10-day BNB Ecosystem Carnival with...

Bitcoin Miner Cipher Looks to Sell Up to $250M in Stock

Bitcoin miners have been struggling this year as the price of bitcoin has dropped by about 60% and energy prices soar across the...