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Thiel-Backed Urbit Is Web3, Weird and Wonderful. IDGAF Who Made It

But I have to, in order to minimize the risk of this piece disappearing into a black hole. And the fact that this...

Ethereum Miners’ $319M Crypto Hoard Hangs Over Market After Merge

“If miners had accumulated Ethereum at a profit, or they need to pay their electric bill, they would be incentivized to sell at...

Galilei – New Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange is About to Launch.

Czech-British fintech company, named NED New Era Development, is one of the first in the world to offer its own hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. GALILEI...

CFO of Insolvent Crypto Lender Voyager Resigns

Ashwin Prithipaul joined Voyager as its chief financial officer in May of this year. Source link