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U.S. House Bill Seeks Centralized Record of Off-Chain Crypto Transactions

A lot of the day-to-day transactions from crypto investors happen only internally at the handful of major exchanges, recorded by the companies rather...

Terra Classic Community Passes Vote Ending USTC Minting as Revival Efforts Continue

Algorithmic stablecoins like USTC are backed by a basket of assets, such as LUNA and bitcoin (BTC), without depending on any centralized third...

Indian Crypto Investment Platform Mudrex Expands to Italy

Mudrex has only one million registered users but is one of India's largest crypto platforms that offer index investing options through sets of...

Sam Bankman-Fried Can Grill Former FTX Insiders on Drug Use in Court

They also asked the judge to let Bankman-Fried travel to his attorneys’ workspaces during the trial itself because it was “exceedingly difficult” to...