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BitMart Innovates with Exclusive “Vote to Earn” NFT

Today, BitMart is excited to announce the launch of its “Vote to Earn” NFT, an exclusive NFT that allows account holders to vote on...

Bitcoin Lightning-Enabled ‘Listen-to-Earn’ Podcast App Gets an Upgrade

The app’s new model offers a simpler, more intuitive and more transparent way for listeners to earn BTC. Source link

Fed Hikes Rates to Highest Since 2007; Bitcoin Slides Toward $19K

Crypto markets were volatile in the wake of the Federal Reserve's decision. Bitcoin dropped below $19,000 but soon rebounded to $19,500, then slid...

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Holds Over $19K, Continues Wild Ride

Both bitcoin and ether saw wide swings in price over the past day. Market Wrap is CoinDesk’s daily newsletter diving into what happened...