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How Crypto Sectors Are Trading Through the Dollar Strength ‘Tsunami’

As a whole, crypto fared far worse than equities in the week following the CPI data release. The CoinDesk Market Index (CMI), a...

Decentralized Finance Protocol Coin98 Unveils Native Stablecoin CUSD

DeFi platforms race to craft their own stablecoins to attract users and boost growth, including Curve and Aave. Source link

Crypto Is Capitol Hill’s Last ‘Bipartisan Issue,’ Coinbase Exec Says

Shirzad said there is “little dispute about the importance of having regulation,” both from progressive and conservative lawmakers, but the issue of which...

Blockchain Startup Hyperlane Raises $18.5M Round Led by Crypto Investor Variant

“The current state of crypto is fragmented, as there has been a proliferation of blockchains and applications, but users on a given blockchain...