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Double Jump Tokyo to Build Blockchain-Based Games Using Sega’s IP

"With a unique architecture optimized for blockchain games, Oasys aims to solve obstacles for gamers, offering fast transactions and zero gas fees and...

IOTA’s Shimmer Joins the Race to Become the Next Big Blockchain; Bitcoin Seesaws Before...

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, ether and most other major altcoins sank more gently, offering the latest counterpoint in an ongoing...

California, New York Join Several States Ordering Crypto Lender Nexo to Halt Yield Product

The states – also including Washington, Maryland, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Vermont – filed individual actions targeting certain yield-producing accounts at Nexo....

Why Rankings – Including University Rankings – Are Crap

I developed CoinDesk’s Best Universities for Blockchain rankings in 2020, and have been tortured to some degree by them ever since. Source link