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Privacy-Focused Social Network MeWe Ties Into Blockchain-Powered Protocol

Using Project Liberty's protocol will make MeWe the largest decentralized social media platform. Source link

Kulfi Finance: First Fixed Rate Lending Protocol on Cardano Announce $KLS Token Pre Seed...

Kulfi Finance introduces an innovative lending and borrowing protocol to enable users to battle the roller coaster rides of volatility that exist in the...

China to Extend CBDC Trial to Most Populous Province, Guangdong, Three Others: Report

The central bank will extend the trial of its e-CNY digital currency to Jiangsu, Hebei and Sichuan as well, the South China Morning...

PolkaStation – One Stop For IDO/INO/IGO & Metaverse and Multi Defi Protocols.

Polkastation combines various DeFi protocols, NFT minting, and marketplace with the Polkadot framework as its base. Though early blockchains serve the purpose of deploying decentralized...