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Solida World Brings Innovation To The P2E Gaming Space

The team at Solida World, a 3D basketball play-to-earn game, is pleased to announce the introduction of its P2E NFT game into the crypto...

Bitcoin se recupera tras intervención del Banco de Inglaterra en el mercado de bonos

En general, la compra de bonos está asociada a la expansión cuantitativa (QE, por sus siglas en inglés), en la que los bancos...

Tyler Hobbs’ QQL NFT Project Raises Nearly $17M in Successful Mint

The project, which allows NFT collectors to act as co-creators of artwork through the QQL algorithm, sold out of its mint passes offered...

California Regulator Targets 11 Crypto Trading Desks Operating Like 'Ponzis'

California's financial regulator brought enforcement actions against 11 little-known crypto companies Tuesday, alleging they stole customer funds or operated like Ponzi schemes. Source link...