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PRESALE integrates popular launchpads into its unique platform to view and sort top-performing presales

PresaleWorld, a new platform, has been unveiled this week in the aim to allow investors to find projects from multiple launchpads with ease. The unique platform...

Why Russia Isn’t Relying on Crypto to Evade Sanctions

Yes, crypto has limitations. But the traditional banking system is a more attractive place for money laundering regardless. Source link

Crypto Is Capitol Hill’s Last ‘Bipartisan Issue,’ Coinbase Exec Says

Shirzad said there is “little dispute about the importance of having regulation,” both from progressive and conservative lawmakers, but the issue of which...

How the Tech Elite Plans to Escape an 'Apocalypse' of Its Own Making

Excerpted from Survival of the Richest: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires Source link