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Robinhood Releases Beta Version of Web3 Wallet to 10,000 Users

Robinhood has been steadily moving away from its original “walled garden” approach to crypto over the past year. Source link

Circle Expands USDC Stablecoin to Five New Chains, Unveils Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol

As a result of the expansion, USDC will be available on 14 blockchains, having been issued previously on Algorand, Avalanche, Ethereum, Flow, Hedera,...

The Dollar Can Be a Protocol for the Future of Money

USDC's stablecoin-fueled model of money, in which the dollar functions as an open “protocol,” could allow innovation to flourish. But healthy competition is...

Fear Makes Quick Return to Crypto Markets as Bitcoin Plunges Most in 2 Months

Historically, September has been a bad month for bitcoin, with the crypto showing negative returns in each of the last five years. The...