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Bittrex, BitGo, 6 Other Firms Join Crypto Market Integrity Coalition

Crypto exchange Bittrex, custodian BitPay and six other firms have joined the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (CMIC) s self-regulatory organization aiming to prevent...

Web3 Education Can Help Creators ‘Own a Piece of the Internet’: Nas Company Exec

Palestinian-Israeli Nuseir Yassin, 30, has turned his viral vlogs, started in 2016 on Facebook, into a fledgling media empire on its own. The...

S. Korean Crypto Project Klaytn Will Offer Gas Fee Rebates to Gaming Firms

Under the new gas fee rebate program, selected game companies will be eligible for a 100% offset of their gas fees incurred from...

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms prepares for their international launch!

2021 will always be remembered as a year of all-time economic highs, lots of flashy features, and an explosion of interest in NFTs, DeFi,...