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MPCH Raises $40M for New Crypto Security Solution

Liberty City Ventures, which incubated the startup, led the funding round Source link

Hacks And Data Leaks Are Plaguing Web3 – Is There a Cure?

Expensive Crypto Hacks Are Becoming Part of Web3 Life. In Q2, a total of $308,579,156 has been lost due to flash loan attacks, making...

Crypto Futures Exchange BitMEX CEO: Expect an Exchange Token ‘This Year’

The launch of BMEX was delayed earlier this year because of market conditions, but the exchange’s CEO wants to get it launched before...

AlfCoin Establishes Itself as a Exclusive Hedge Fund Cryptocurrency in The Industry.

Announcing AlfCoin, a new hedge fund that will revolutionize the world of crypto finance. AlfCoin will be a one-of-a-kind hedge fund serving everyone. Through...