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Bank of America Says Cryptocurrencies Continue to Act as Risk Assets

Ether continues to slide as investors shift to a wait-and-see approach regarding future upgrades, the bank said in a research report. Source link

Bernstein Says Polygon Blockchain Is Bringing Crypto to Consumers

The “other secret” behind Polygon has been organizational. The blockchain has hired from YouTube, Airbnb (ABNB), Electronic Arts (EA), Amazon Cloud and other...

Blockchain-Powered Reinsurer Re Raises $14 Million Seed Round to Build Decentralized Market

The company sees its protocol as providing collective backing of insurance policies in a similar way to the Lloyd’s of London market. Source link...

California Moves Forward to Allow Vital Records to be Issued on Blockchain

When arguing the merits of the bill to the Senate last month, Hertzberg said this is “not only a faster, cheaper, and more...