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Money Laundering via Metaverse, DeFi, NFTs Targeted by EU Lawmakers’ Latest Draft

An emerging compromise may subject those who govern decentralized autonomous organizations for extra requirments. Source link

Autoridades chinas arrestaron a 93 personas por lavado de dinero con criptomonedas

Desde el 2018, los sospechosos han estado lavando fondos bajo el liderazgo de un individuo de apellido Hong. Según un posteo del domingo...

Bitcoin Could ‘Double in Price’ Under CFTC Regulation, Chairman Behnam Says

“Non-bank institutions thrive on regulation, they thrive on regulatory certainty, they thrive on a level playing field,” Behnam added. “And they may...

Interpol Issues Red Notice for Do Kwon: Report

Kwon maintains that he is not on the run, but his location is unknown after Singapore authorities said he's not in the city-state. Source...