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Push to Enhance CFTC’s Crypto Watchdog Role Gets a Boost in US Congress

The Senate legislation – introduced in August by the leaders of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and senior Republican, John...

JPMorgan Sees Concerns for Ethereum Blockchain After the Merge

The change spurred a hard fork, splitting the blockchain in two and giving rise to an offshoot chain called Ethereum PoW. Some exchanges...

Thiel-Backed Urbit Is Web3, Weird and Wonderful. IDGAF Who Made It

But I have to, in order to minimize the risk of this piece disappearing into a black hole. And the fact that this...

Arbitrum tiene el mayor auge de usuarios entre las principales blockchains, según Bernstein

Se especula que el lanzamiento de un token para recompensar a los primeros usuarios podría estar cerca, dijo el informe. Source link