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Sound Money Doesn’t Exist and Neither Does ‘Ultra’ Sound Money

A proper definition of sound or hard money is admittedly nebulous. A commonly accepted definition is this: a currency that serves as a...

SEC Accuses 2 Firms of Crypto Pump-and-Dump Scheme

The complaint alleges the two companies pumped the price of their cryptocurrency by falsely claiming they had acquired $10 billion in gold bullion...

Crypto Trading Platform Provider WonderFi to Offer Equities Next Year Through Bitbuy Unit

"Providing seamless access to stock trading makes Bitbuy the first in Canada to offer a full suite of crypto trading as well as...

Worried About a Financial Crisis? Enter – Self Custody.

My crystal ball is cloudy, but the bitcoin optimist in me thinks bitcoin is a much needed asset, as I recently tweeted, “#Bitcoin...