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Bitcoin Showing Potential Signs of an Upswing

Bitcoin has also been outperforming a number of its peers recently, most notably ether, whose price peaked on Sept. 8 and has declined...

Bitcoin Stays Resilient in Face of Traditional-Market Turmoil, Here's Why

"What we're seeing is more a lack of large sellers, rather than a plethora of large buyers," one value investor said. Source link

Brazil’s Securities Regulator Probes Crypto Exchange Mercado Bitcoin on Token Issuance

The CVM asked the country’s largest local crypto exchange to provide data on fixed income tokens it has issued since January 2020. Source link...

XRP y MKR suben mientras BTC y ETH se mantienen estables a la espera...

“Recordemos que, según las proyecciones económicas trimestrales de la Fed, el banco central espera que esta medida de inflación caiga hasta 4,5% para...