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California, New York Join Several States Ordering Crypto Lender Nexo to Halt Yield Product

The states – also including Washington, Maryland, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Vermont – filed individual actions targeting certain yield-producing accounts at Nexo....

The ETH Merge Had Little Impact on NFT Sales

In the weeks leading up to the Merge, NFT trading decreased overall, and this past week has been just slightly better. One of...

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Takes Investors on a Wild Ride

Prices shoot higher intraday on high volume, only to reverse course later in the day. Market Wrap is CoinDesk’s daily newsletter diving into...

Bitcoin Tops $20K as Stock Futures Rise, Dollar Rally Stalls

The pound, in particular, fell to an all-time low of $1.035 on Monday as the government's plan to implement the biggest tax cuts...