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Ondo Finance Integrates Tokenized U.S. Treasuries Onto Layer 1 Aptos

“A partnership forged in the spirit of redefining digital finance, Ondo Finance’s native integration onto Aptos is a step forward for accessible and...

Brock Pierce, Tether and Block.one Co-Founder, to join EstateX as Strategic Investor and Advisor

EstateX, a distinguished multi-award-winning project at the forefront of real estate tokenization and pioneering crypto-based payment solutions, is thrilled to unveil a partnership with...

Days After Ditching Aave, Risk Manager Gauntlet Moves to Rival Lender Morpho

From a risk management perspective, the Morpho model is designed to be more efficient than Aave's, and Gauntlet's embrace of Morpho could be...

Volcano X Announces its Entry into the Inscription Market

Recently, Volcano X Fund Management, an innovator in cryptocurrency investment strategies, announced its entry into the inscription market, incorporating inscriptions into its investment portfolio.To...