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Bitcoin Analyst Raises Price Target to $200,000, Spot ETFs Leads BTC To New Era

Peter Brandt, a technical analyst, now thinks Bitcoin is on its way to $200,000, citing a recent breakout above $57,000. The sharp swing to...

Introducing SatoshiSwap, pioneer decentralized exchange built on the Bitcoin network

The DeFi sector is witnessing a NEW wave of innovation as projects increasingly explore possibilities beyond the dominant Ethereum network. One particular area attracting...

Traders Fair Singapore Returns for an Unforgettable Financial Event

Traders Fair, one of the largest and most prestigious financial events globally, is set to make a triumphant return to Singapore. Organized by FINEXPO ,...

The European Central Bank’s Blog Post on Bitcoin ETFs

Moreover, it seems wrong that Bitcoin should not be subject to strong regulatory intervention, up to practically forbidding it. The belief that one...