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World’s First Bitcoin DEX – SatoshiSwap.ai Has Raised $700,000 in Pre-Sale in 48 Hours

SatoshiSwap.ai, a pioneering Bitcoin DeFi platform, has raised $700K in pre-sale round. This investment will fuel the development of SatoshiSwap.ai's flagship project: a DEX...

The European Central Bank’s Blog Post on Bitcoin ETFs

Moreover, it seems wrong that Bitcoin should not be subject to strong regulatory intervention, up to practically forbidding it. The belief that one...

USDC Is Making a Comeback: Coinbase

USDC's increase in liquidity reflects the “overall pickup in both retail and institutional demand as crypto has moved into a new phase of...

Bitcoin ETF Price/Flow Correlation is Declining: JPMorgan

The price of bitcoin (BTC) has not been moving as closely in relation to flows in and out of the spot ETFs as...