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Starknet’s STRK Jumps 10% as Starkware Changes Token Unlock Schedule After Criticism

"Under the new unlock plan, 580 million tokens held by early contributors and investors will be unlocked by the end of 2024, as...

El Salvador's Bukele Says Value of Country's Bitcoin Holdings Up Over 40%

The country's bonds have also surged to over 80 cents on the dollar. Source link

What Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Canada Say About the U.S.

Canadian investors have adopted ETFs as a financial vehicle that is safe and delivers the returns of digital assets, despite their well-publicized volatility....

Blockchain gaming ecosystem Crystal Fun secured $5M seed funding, and initiated first AAA game...

In a groundbreaking stride for the Web3 gaming pioneer, Crystal Fun, a decentralized gaming mega-ecosystem and studio has secured a $ 5,000,000 investment in...