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ZiFi Token Announces Strategic Partnership with $SATS: Revolutionizing the BRC20 Ecosystem

ZiFi Token (Zero Inflation), a pioneering project in the DRC20 space, is proud to unveil its latest strategic partnership with $SATS, one of the...

Discover the AVTM(Aventis Metaverse) Listing on XT.COM

XT.COM, the world’s first socially infused trading platform, is thrilled to announce the listing of AVTM(Aventis Metaverse) on its platform in the Innovation zone and the AVTM/USDT trading...

Harambe Token Launches Groundbreaking AI-Driven Hedge Fund System, Transforming Crypto Investment Landscape

Summary:Harambe Token's unveiling marks a watershed moment in the cryptocurrency market, introducing a cutting-edge AI-driven hedge fund system designed to navigate the complexities of...

Trezor expands Trezor Academy education initiative to 20 more countries worldwide

Trezor, the original bitcoin hardware wallet company, today announces the planned expansion of its education programme, Trezor Academy to 20 more countries worldwide. Throughout 2023 Trezor...