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5 Things Satoshi Nakamoto Correctly Predicted About Bitcoin

Proof-of-work, the algorithm backing Bitcoin, is a fundamentally wasteful process by design. Even back in the days of Satoshi, people realized that, if...

A Leading DeFi Bull Indicator? MetaMask Registers Over 30 Million In 5 Months

MetaMask monthly active users (MAUs) currently stand at over 30 million, a near 2X surge from around 19 million recorded in September 2023. ...

Bitcoin ETF Approval Comparable to 'Naked Emperor’s New Clothes,’ ECB Officials Say

The U.S. SEC’s approval of multiple spot ETFs and the billions of dollars that have poured in since doesn't make Bitcoin a good...

TecCrypto.com Gears Up for Bitcoin Halving – A Milestone Moment for the Mining Industry

In anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, TecCrypto.com, a leading platform in the Bitcoin mining industry, has unveiled its comprehensive strategy to navigate this significant...