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‘Avoid Ethereum (ETH) At All Costs’ Says Bitcoin Advocate

Bitcoin supporter Fred Krueger has recently voiced concerns about Ethereum’s (ETH) fundamental trends and potential regulatory hurdles. Krueger’s remarks, shared in a post...

How PubKey Revived Bitcoin Culture in New York City

“The bedrock of Bitcoin in New York is definitely BitDevs,” explains Pacchia. “BitDevs kept the focus on Bitcoin, which was really important, because...

The European Central Bank’s Blog Post on Bitcoin ETFs

Moreover, it seems wrong that Bitcoin should not be subject to strong regulatory intervention, up to practically forbidding it. The belief that one...

The Year Blockchain Revolutionizes Traditional Asset Management with zkEVM and Institutional-Scale Liquidity Aggregation

The zkEVM, which is capable of performing smart contract transactions within a zero-proof environment, has firmly established itself in blockchain infrastructure. Now institutional...