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Australian Crypto Exchange Digital Surge to Pay Back Creditors After Losing $33M on FTX

According to a deed of company arrangement (DoCA), the exchange will receive a loan of 1.25 million Australian dollars from an associated business,...

NFT Collection Azuki’s Twitter Account Hacked, Leading Followers to Malicious Link

The popular anime-inspired profile-picture (PFP) collection recently introduced The Garden as a meeting platform for holders of its NFTs. According to data from...

Why Real Regulatory Change In Crypto Has Not Happened

Legislators need to educate themselves on Web3 if they care about protecting consumers, Steven Eisenhauer, chief risk and compliance officer at Ramp, writes. Source...

January 2023 Mosdex Updates – Crypto Arbitrage Platform Announces Various Developments To Fuel Growth

Mosdex has been working hard to release multiple improvements to help users generate greater profits on this crypto arbitrage platform. This month’s updates involve...