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Bitcoin (BTC) Correction Could Be Approaching

The bitcoin (BTC) price was little changed Monday, in line with subdued weekend volatility, with one trader saying it could drop to as...

Play-to-Earn Will Make the Pie Bigger

Despite being ostracized by the broader gaming community, financially-motivated players could unlock remarkable growth in both gaming and crypto, says Leah Callon-Butler. Source link...

Sam Bankman-Fried Asks Court to Cut Prison Time to 63-78 Months

Former FTX boss Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), found guilty of fraud last year and due to be sentenced next month, has asked the court...

KAKAUE: Leading with Technology, Safeguarding with Security, The Winning Way in the Crypto Market

Recently, KAKAUE Exchange has formed strategic partnerships with several top data service providers to jointly promote a comprehensive upgrade of data services. This strategic...