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Join the Ethereum Validator & Node Operator Summit at ETH Denver 2024

Denver, CO – February 27th – The Ethereum Validator & Node Operator Summit, a pivotal gathering for the Ethereum staking community, is thrilled to...

Ether ETFs Unlikely to Cause a 'Bubble,' Traders Say

Interest in ether bets rose significantly after the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs in January sparked optimism among ETH traders. Source link

The European Central Bank’s Blog Post on Bitcoin ETFs

Moreover, it seems wrong that Bitcoin should not be subject to strong regulatory intervention, up to practically forbidding it. The belief that one...

Days After Ditching Aave, Risk Manager Gauntlet Moves to Rival Lender Morpho

From a risk management perspective, the Morpho model is designed to be more efficient than Aave's, and Gauntlet's embrace of Morpho could be...