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Why the ENS Battle Over Eth.Link Matters

There’s an extra wrinkle in that the eth.link name, originally registered with internet registrar and hosting company GoDaddy, was supposedly valid until July...

Sam Bankman-Fried Replaces Lawyers Ahead of Sentencing

Sam Bankman-Fried replaced his former lawyers, Mark Cohen and Christian Everdale, as he’s headed into sentencing negotiations. Source link

Bitcoin (BTC) Funding Rates Surge To 100% on Binance as Prices Near $57K

"The perp funding rates are exploding, while open interest keeps climbing, now at $14.4 billion," Markus Thielen, founder of 10X Research, who predicted...

What Investors Need to Know About the Impending Supply Shift and Potential Price Impact

At a high level, a Bitcoin halving is when the introduction of new bitcoins into circulation is reduced by half. This happens roughly...