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Market Wrap: US Inflation Slows, Crypto Markets Accelerate

BTC jumps sharply on CPI news before moderating. Source link

MicroStrategy Explored Options From Art to Real Estate Before Bitcoin Buys, New CEO Says

Speaking Tuesday at Canaccord Genuity’s growth conference, Le said that prior to first purchasing bitcoin (BTC) in August 2020, MicroStrategy explored options including...

Ethereum Is Getting Cheaper to Use, Even Before the Merge

For now, all we can note is that the cost to use Ethereum today is approaching the average price during bear markets. If...

At ETHSeoul, Ethereum Developers Turn Attention to Privacy and Users

“With Soulbound tokens, which are non-transferable, you can prevent dumping and unequal allocations, leading to better governance and fairer token distributions,” Buterin added,...