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Tom Lee Says Bitcoin is Still A good Investment, But Why?

Bitcoin has been declining since the advent of the bear market. But the bearish trend escalated in the past three weeks due to...

CME Group Teaming With CF Benchmarks for 3 New DeFi Rates and Indices

“These three new benchmarks, together with Uniswap launched earlier this year, will capture more than 40% of the total value locked in ...

EU Crypto, NFT Providers Must Report Tax Details Under Leaked EU Plan

MiCA, in contrast, requires EU-based cryptocurrency companies to register and have minimum governance norms, but carves out other Web 3 innovations such as...

BITFYE launches cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with the third generation of matching engine

Recently, BITFYE Ltd announced its launch of bitfye.com, the third-generation cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with high-performance matching engine, which has been developed for three years.According to the...