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IOTA’s Ecosystem Foundation Commits $10M for Tokenization, Trade Startups

“By investing in the future of TradeTech, we are not just facilitating smoother trade transactions; we are laying the groundwork for a more...

Freename Launches NOTO: The Protocol That Makes Web3 Internet Accessible and Interoperable to All

Freename AG,  the leading provider of Web3 domain name services from Switzerland has launched NOTO Protocol, the top-layer infrastructure empowering stakeholders in the internet industry to...

JP Morgan Says Bitcoin Price Will Correct After Halving, Here’s The Target

Analysts from JP Morgan, an American multinational financial corporation, have disclosed the potential for a significant price correction in Bitcoin, predicting that the...

Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Volume Data Can be Misleading

The spot bitcoin ETF group as a whole has seen a turnover ratio of 5.3%, said Cipolaro, with Valkyrie (BRRR) and Grayscale's GBTC...