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AllianceBlock Token Plunges 51% After $5M Exploit of Bonq DAO

AllianceBlock has paused all activity on its bridge following the attack, which occurred Wednesday afternoon. During the exploit a Polygon wallet accessed 112...

vCASH – A New digital currency that enables Private Permissionless Payments on Blockchain

vCash is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that’s designed to be used as electronic cash. Updated with the revolutionary privacy protocol, ensuring complete anonymity,...

Russia's Sberbank Will Introduce DeFi Platform by May: Report

The bank's blockchain product director believes DeFi will one day replace traditional banking services. Source link

UK Crypto Industry Celebrates Government’s Planned Exemptions for Crypto Ad Approvals

“I think that was a great win for the industry. I've lobbied for this and I know some of my clients have, industry...