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TRM Labs to Bring Crypto Tracing Tools to Solana

TRM Labs is adding tracing support for the Solana blockchain, CEO Esteban Castaño told CoinDesk.The blockchain analysis company is the first to integrate...

Who Watches the Chain Watchers?

Yesterday we had a major scoop from CoinDesk’s Danny Nelson, who unearthed a set of slides showing the crypto investigations firm Chainalysis has...

Circle Taps Plaid for ACH Payments as USDC Market Cap Hits $30B — CoinDesk

Plaid connects to banks around the world so that other fintechs don’t have to, and the company is connected to several companies in...

Grape Network, the Startup That Broke Solana, Raises $1.8M

Grape Network, the project whose token sale broke Solana last week, has raised $1.8 million in total from venture capital firms and that...