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US CFTC Chief Promises More ‘Precedent Setting’ Crypto Enforcement Cases

“The CFTC has brought important, precedent setting cases against those who illegally offer derivatives or leveraged, margined or financed digital asset products to...

Web3 Community NounsDAO Is Creating an NFT Comic Book Series

Titled “Nouns: Nountown,” the comics will feature a storyline about the tokens within the Nouns ecosystem. The series will be authored by David...

OpenSea Releases Suite of New Tools for Creator NFT Drops

The new experience allows select creators to include multi-stage minting phases, allowlist support and personalized landing pages for their NFT releases. Source link

Jailed Kickboxer Andrew Tate Promoted Bitcoin For Tax Avoidance in Video

The video of Andrew Tate, who was 2022's 8th most Googled person, was published by popular YouTube personality and criminal lawyer, Bruce Rivers,...