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Crypto VC Firm Arrington Capital Hires BitMEX Alum as Investment Head

"As the crypto markets mature and converge with traditional markets, it is critical to bring a mature and sophisticated perspective to our trading...

Nic Carter from Castle Island Ventures Backs New Crypto VC Firm

Breed VC, a new crypto-focused firm, has closed fundraising for its first fund and brought in a “considerable portion” of its $20 million...

Blur Reportedly Finds Loophole in OpenSea’s Blocklist as Marketplace War Escalates

Blur, which debuted in October 2022, landed itself on the map for being a no-fee marketplace geared toward professional NFT traders. In one...

Yuga Labs Reaches Settlement in Bored Ape NFTs Trademark Lawsuit

“I am happy to have resolved the Yuga Labs, Inc. v. Lehman trademark lawsuit in the Northern District of New York,” Lehman...