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Kazakhstan Looks to Tighten Rules for Crypto Exchanges After FTX Collapse

The Astana Financial Services Authority is seeking market feedback on new rules targeting operational resilience and separation of customer assets. Source link

86% of Stablecoin Issuer Tether Was Controlled by 4 People as of 2018: WSJ

Tether began from separate companies led by ex-plastic surgeon Giancarlo Devasini and former child actor Brock Pierce. Devasini, who helped develop crypto exchange...

India Reveals IMF is Working With G-20 for Crypto Regulations

India has officially revealed details of the ongoing work in the G-20 around how to regulate crypto. Source link

Mastercard’s NFT Leader Quits, Mints His Resignation Letter on the Way Out

"At Mastercard, I was a victim of harassment and emotional distress caused by a series of mismanaged processes, miscommunication, internal inefficiency. There were...