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Crypto Bank Silvergate Shares Move Higher After BlackRock Boosts Stake

Stung first by 2022's bear market in crypto and then again in November thanks to its large deposit relationship with collapsed crypto exchange...

Ethereum Developers to Launch New Testnet ‘Zhejiang’ for Simulating ETH Withdrawals

This new testnet, which will go live at 10 a.m. ET (15:00 UTC), will provide the ability to test staked ETH withdrawals (EIP-4895)....

DebtDAO to Burn 18M FTX User Debt Tokens Following Demand Frenzy

Huobi Global adviser Justin Sun explained the token offering in a tweet last week. "FUD token provides creditors with a new level of...

Crypto Custody Firm Copper Alerted to Security ‘Incident’ Over Christmas

“The subsequent investigation determined that Copper hadn’t suffered any breach or business interruption and that no client information had been compromised,” Copper said...