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VitaDAO Closes $4.1M Funding Round With Pfizer Ventures for Longevity Research

VitaDAO was started in 2021 by Tyler Golato of decentralized biotech protocol Molecule to fund longevity research. According to the organization, it boasts...

LBRY Token Rally Stalls as Traders Move on From Court Speculation

LBRY blockchain's native token LBC is giving back its gains as traders begin to digest the reality of a court hearing. Source link

The =nil; Foundation Says Its New Software Is Rocket Fuel for Zero-Knowledge Developers

LLVM, which stands for “low-level virtual machine,” refers to a set of open-source code libraries that developers use to “compile” their human-readable code...

What Is the Ethereum Blockchain’s Shanghai Hard Fork, and Why Does It Matter?

But in addition to accessing locked up funds, the PoS blockchain has not been fully featured ever since it went live. Even though...