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New Record: Half Of Bitcoin Supply Hasn’t Changed Hands In 2 Years

Bitcoin has experienced a bullish trend in 2022, which is reflected in the number of BTC held in storage. Savings or long-term storage...

AllianceBlock Token Plunges 51% After $5M Exploit of Bonq DAO

AllianceBlock has paused all activity on its bridge following the attack, which occurred Wednesday afternoon. During the exploit a Polygon wallet accessed 112...

Sam Bankman-Fried Family Subpoenas Opposed by US Government in FTX Bankruptcy Filing

The plans, set to be discussed at a Wednesday hearing, would duplicate any independent examination of the exchange’s downfall, U.S. Trustee Andrew Vara...

Alameda Research Wallet Receives $6M From Bitfinex Hot Wallet

An Ethereum wallet that belongs to bankrupt trading firm Alameda Research quietly received $6 million from Bitfinex's hot wallet overnight, according to Nansen...