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AI Smartchain Ecosystem : Ecosystem with various dApps that utilize AI technology and enhance...

AI Smart Chain Ecosystem, a project based on ETH blockchain, has launched its token $AISC, as its first step towards building its entire ecosystem...

Options Automated Market Maker Lyra Deploys to Arbitrum Network

Before the upgrade, Lyra’s market maker vaults (MMVs) paid swapping fees for every collateralization and hedging trade. For example, when a trader buys...

We’re Trying to Make California’s DMV More Efficient With Blockchain

A proof-of-concept testnet conducted last week shows how the partnership's with the state agency can succeed, according to Smith. "The administration out there...

Investment Manager Hamilton Lane Opens Tokenized Fund on Polygon Blockchain

The Polygon-backed feeder makes the flagship direct equity fund available to more investors. Source link